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Arya Kanya Gurukul Senior Secondary School

Arya Kanya Gurukul Senior Secondary School is a leading name in the field of girls education Established in 1973 under Arya kanya Gurukul Mahasabha, Mor Majra, Karnal. The school has earned itself a recognition of being one of top institutes in the field.

  • We provide best modern education along with ancient vedic wisdom to our students. We empower our learners with abilities that enable them to serve our society in any dimension.
  • The main objective of Gurukul is to develop an ecosystem for complete holistic development of our Learners.


Excellent Infrastructure

The ultramodern facilities available in the school including Computer – aided – learning.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities have been an inseparable part of curriculum of the school

Active Learning

We provide student with many hands-on activities in an outdoor classroom environment.

Our History

भारतीय संस्कृति के उद्धारक और आर्य समाज के संस्थापक स्वामी दयानंद सरस्वती के सुविचारों से प्रेरित होकर उनका अनुसरण करते हुए श्रीमती जानकी देवी जी व अन्य आस –पास के गाँव बल्ला, धर्मगढ़, मोर- माजरा, कवी, सालवन के गणमान्य व्यक्तियो के कर कमलो द्वारा 05- 01- 1973, को आर्य कन्या गुरुकुल मोर माजरा की स्थापना की गई। गुरुकुल की स्थापना का मुख्य उद्देश्य आधुनिक शिक्षा के साथ-साथ सांस्कृतिक ज्ञान भी देना है। 1975 ई० इस संस्था को सोसाइटी महासभा को आर्य कन्या गुरुकुल के नाम पर पंजीकृत कराया गया| श्री चतर सिंह जी को सर्वसम्मति से पहला प्रधान चुना गया|

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Our Pre School

Leader in early childhood care and education

In a Environment filled with boundless positivity, we foster the development of our young learners, encouraging them to thrive and expand their knowledge. We embrace a teaching approach that values playful exploration and fosters creative thinking. Within our nurturing environment, our cherished little ones flourish, experiencing an atmosphere of genuine care and joy.

Play To Learn

Our approach, "Play To Learn," recognizes that play is an essential part of a child's educational journey.

Quality Educators

We are dedicated to providing quality educators for our preschool, who play a vital role in shaping the minds and futures of our young learners.

Safety & Security

Within our nurturing environment, our cherished little ones flourish, experiencing an atmosphere of genuine care and joy.


How to enroll your child to a class?

Interested in good preschool education for your child? Our kindergarten is the right decision!

Message from President

Education is a collaborative effort of dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents. Better opportunities for safety and education of girls are available in Gurukul. Gurukul does all round development of girl students while providing education as well as protection. What should be the attitude towards parents and teachers, what is the responsibility towards the country and society, all these qualities are developed in the girl students. Due to which the girl students contribute in the building of the society by becoming the best citizens of the nation. The girl students of Gurukul have passed the board examinations with merit and first class, have also established new records in the field of sports through better training. I wish to the Almighty that Gurukul should always move forward on the path of progress by imparting Vedic culture, modern, practical, cultured, moral and cultural education. The girl students of Gurukul become Chartered Accountant, Judge, Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, Scientist, I.A. S. and I.P.S. By becoming an officer, continue to contribute commendably in building the future society. "My cooperation and good wishes are always with the girl students."

Jai Hind Jai Bharat, Jai Gurukul

Jasbir Singh Maan, Advocate


Message from Principal

Regards, Parents

I'd want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone of the Gurukul's diligent management committee, staff members and all the students. It is a huge honour for me to serve as the Principal of Gurukul. By mixing vedic heritage and modernity in Gurukul, we hope to instill moral values, discipline, hard work and determination in girls. In Gurukul, every day is a new day, I tackle new challenges with new energy and new learning. The bright smiles of the gurukul students as well as the prospect of a happy future motivate me to work hard for the Gurukul. Dear Parents, School is the sole social platform where a child can become acquainted with the real world and secure his future in the company of well mannered and competent teachers. According to recent academic research, the degenerate nature and fall of moral standards of the next generation is a source of concern for parents, teachers, society and nation. The School, together with the teachers, plays a crucial part in buiding the girl students in the right direction. Our Gurukul is focused on the girl students' complete development as a responsible society of this beautiful nation. Dear Girl Students, persons of excellent character live in their best selves, always committed to the truth in thought, word and deed. Develops your character by following the great sages and contributing to nation building through noble deeds. Remember that there is no shortcut to success, it requires hard work. I will always carry out my Gurukul duties conscientiously .

"Ready to serve Gurukul and Girl Students"

Mrs Gurpreet Kaur


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